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Castell d' Encus Thalarn 2011 / 2013 (RP:93) /2014 (RP:95)




於Costers del Segre的Pyrenees分區,Raul Bobet於海拔1,000米的Talarn村釀造驚為天人的葡萄酒。產品皆以梵文或以葡萄生長的地方命名。時至今日,大部分酒都於12世紀的石窖中發酵,當大家看見它時便會相信,過程並不是最重要,最重要的是非常出色的結果,因為這是近來最令人振奮的西班牙酒莊。而Raul Bobet也是有份負責Ferrer Bobet酒莊的人,在那裡他與葡萄酒發燒友Sergi Ferrer-Salat合作,展現出1000米高山的獨特風味。




人手收割,使用小型 10kg 盒子。葡萄酒於不同質料器皿發酵,包括石窖、木缸和不鏽鋼缸。所有酒均在225L小型木桶內經過蘋果酸-乳酸二次發酵。


這是一支部分在石缸和不鏽鋼缸發酵,再在70%新木桶陳年10個月的純Syrah。它有十分強烈的小黑莓、黑加侖子、藍莓並帶少許黑椒,十分原始,令人印象深刻。味道方面,中度酒體,秀麗的單寧,質感絲滑。它有清楚的礦物味道和清澈度,收結也十分柔順,當中的新木桶也難以察覺。適飲期:2013至2020+。(2010 Vintage)

香氣濃郁、複雜,以花香開頭,並混合丁香和胡椒的香料味。 入口柔滑,單寧柔和,新鮮水果和香料層層疊疊。酸度活潑,餘韻悠長。(2011 Vintage)

這是一支很優秀的清涼氣候Syrah,像是北隆河或者Valais出品,有郊野和粗獷性格。現在它就像被最好的法國新木桶的baby fat包裹住,因為它仍十分年輕,所以需年月助它成長。現在雖然已好喝,但如果你肯等待,它必會更好。它味道平衡,質感柔滑飽滿,單寧圓潤。這酒的第一年釖2008年雖只得11.3%酒精,現在卻十分突出,這相信是給你適飲期的參考。適飲期2015-2022。(2012 年)


Raul Bobet’s groundbreaking wines from the Pyrenees subzone of the Costers del Segre appellation, are produced in the village of Talarn at 1,000 meters altitude. The wines are named with Sanskrit words or after the places where grapes are grown. Nowadays most of the wines are fermented in the 12th century stone lagares from the property. It has to be seen to be believed. However, the process is not the most important thing, what is really important is that the results are superb. These are some of the most exciting new wines throughout Spain. And Bobet, the ex-Torres enquiring mind, is also responsible for the breathtaking Priorats from the Ferrer-Bobet winery, his joint venture with entrepreneur and wine lover Sergi Ferrer-Salat.

Country of Origin:
Spain / Catalonia

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape Variety:

Hand picked grapes in small, 10kg cases from the state vineyards. The wine is fermented in different materials such stone fermenting vats, wood tanks and stainless steel tanks. All the wine has gone through malolactic fermentation on 225L oak barrels.

Tasting Notes:
The brilliant 2010 Thalarn is a pure Syrah that is partially fermented in rock vessels and stainless steel and aged in barrel for 10 months in 70% new oak. It has an incredibly intense bouquet of small black cherries, cassis, blueberry and a touch of peppercorn that is very well-defined, but extremely primal. The palate is medium-bodied with filigree tannins and a satin-like texture. It possesses outstanding focus and precision plus wonderful minerality and clarity towards the finish that exudes finesse, handling the new oak so that you barely notice it. This is an exceptional Syrah that should age magnificently. Drink 2013-2020+.  (Vintage 2010)

This wine shows a complex and intense bouquet starting with floral notes and blending with spicy notes of clove and pepper . The entry is silky with soft tannins and layers of fresh fruit and spice. The finish is lively with acidity and long. (Vintage 2011)

The 2012 Thalarn is a great cool-climate Syrah, reminiscent of a Northern Rhone, or rather a Syrah from Valais, with its wild, slightly rustic character. Right now it is covered by the baby fat and the aromas from the best French oak money can buy, as it’s extremely young, and needs some years to grow up. While delicious right now, it will only get better if you wait. It has a fine palate, with a silky texture and saturated, round tannins. The 2008, the first vintage from a cool year which only reached 11.3% alcohol, is sublime now, if that gives you a hint about drinking windows. Drink 2015-2022.  (Vintage 2012)

Complex and intense with marked floral and spicy aromas and with a lively palate that shows remarkably fresh, even if the acidity as per the analysis is not that high. It's a slightly warmer and riper than 2013, but sometimes Syrah suffers too much in cold years... This is open and expressive, faintly balsamic, peppery and with a mixture of violets, sour cherries, a touch of smoke. The palate shows good balance and some bittersweet flavors, with very fine tannins, great intensity and length. (Vintage 2014)