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神之水滴『十一門徒 夕陽』釀酒師Raul Bobet力作 -Castell d' Encus Thalarn 2018 (RP: 94)


Castell d'Encus於西班牙加泰隆尼亞,比利牛斯山脈分區的Costers del Segre產區,Raul Bobet曾在大名鼎鼎的Torres酒莊擔任主釀酒師,釀酒期間受到啓發,期望可以不受全球温室效應影响下繼續釀出心中最完美的酒其後Raul Bobet於海拔1,000米高的Talarn村開始他的釀酒大計,無意中發現酒莊旁修道院竟然仍保留了僧侶曾在這裡釀酒的痕跡,包括多個12世紀時以人手開鑿的石窖,自然而然便還原古法釀造方法,起初只用少量葡萄作試驗,後來大部分葡萄也用這石窖發酵,然後再到不銹鋼桶或橡木桶陳年這數十年來能釀出令飲家驚嘆的葡萄酒全因Raul的不斷努力和精益求精,他年青時是工程學科出身的的,所以他亦設計了可再生能源(地熱能發電)推動整個酒莊的電力,非常環保。另外Raul 喜愛哲學和冥想,他的產品皆以梵文或以葡萄生長的地方命名。他的理念很簡單 :

"我們希望釀造出風格非常清晰的葡萄酒,以保持新鮮度為支柱,避免過度成熟和過度萃取。 我們追求優雅和微妙,但又不放棄葡萄酒的複雜性和圓潤感。 毫無疑問,從這個意義上說,葡萄發揮主要作用。"


Castell d'Encus 毫無疑問是近來世界舞台上最令人振奮的西班牙酒莊。而Raul Bobet亦是有份負責Ferrer Bobet酒莊的人,在那裡他與葡萄酒發燒友Sergi Ferrer-Salat合作,展現出另一高山Priorat酒的獨特風味。


西班牙-加泰羅尼亞 - Costers Del Segre




(Robert Parker's rating: 94 points)
2018 Thalarn 以它來自的村莊命名,Syrah於2003年種植於海拔850至1,000米、富含石灰岩的土壤上。它芳香、多汁、有煙燻味,成熟度適中,酒精度13.23%,新鮮感和平衡度都很好。不管人們怎麼想,這款酒並沒有橡木味;橡木巧妙地融合於果香中。它緩慢地演化,需要些時間才散發出成熟漿果和灌木叢的香氣。口感強勁而平衡,單寧豐富細膩,餘韻乾爽悠長。2020年1月入樽,限量9,900瓶和100瓶大瓶裝。


Raul Bobet’s groundbreaking wines from the Pyrenees subzone of the Costers del Segre appellation, are produced in the village of Talarn at 1,000 meters altitude. The wines are named with Sanskrit words or after the places where grapes are grown, Thalarn is the medieval form of the town where Castell d’Encus is located. Nowadays most of the wines are fermented in the 12th century stone lagars from the property. It has to be seen to be believed. However, the process is not the most important thing, what is really important is that the results are superb. These are some of the most exciting new wines throughout Spain. And Bobet, the ex-Torres enquiring mind, is also responsible for the breathtaking Priorats from the Ferrer-Bobet winery, his joint venture with entrepreneur and wine lover Sergi Ferrer-Salat.

Country of Origin:
Spain / Catalonia / Costers Del Segre

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape Variety:

Fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel, oak vats and ancient outdoor stone pools and matured in new French oak barrels for 12 months, followed by a further three months in larger oak vats and then was kept in bottle for some three years.

Tasting Notes:
(Robert Parker's rating: 94 points)
The 2018 Thalarn is named after the village it comes from, where the Syrah vines were planted in 2003 on limestone rich soils at 850 to 1,000 meters in altitude. It's aromatic, juicy, smoky and varietal, with moderate ripeness at 13.23% alcohol and good freshness and balance. Despite what one might think, the wine is not oaky; the oak is neatly integrated and folded into the fruit. It's evolving slowly and takes time to unfurl the aromas of ripe berries and underbrush. It's powerful but balanced, with abundant, fine-grained tannins and a dry, long finish. 9,900 bottles and 100 magnums were filled in January 2020.